4-H County Council

County Council is open to 4-H youth in Osceola County.  County Council meets throughout the year between September and May.  County Council gives youth a chance to meet new friends, share ideas, learn, develop leadership skills and have fun!

2014-2015 meeting dates:

Meetings are held at 6:30 PM on Monday nights. 

County Council Officers


Responsibilities: To plan a meeting and make an agenda. Knows parliamentary procedure so that you may run an orderly and smooth meeting. Presides over the meetings, and starts and ends on time. Keeps order. Keeps the meeting moving. Encourages members. Appoints committees. Works well with other officers.


Responsibilities : Knows parliamentary procedure, and how to run a meeting in case of absence of the president. Serves as program committee chair. Arranges each program. Works closely with the president.

District Delegates

Responsibilities : Attend District Council Meetings and bring back a report to the county.


Responsibilities :  Keeps organized minutes of the meeting and reads at each meeting the minutes from the last meeting. Does roll call.


Responsibilities :  Keeps track of the money taken in by the Council. Keeps an accurate record of money taken in and money taken out.


Responsibilities :  Spreads the news of 4-H and sends news of 4-H to the newspaper. Collects clippings of news articles about 4-H and writes about special events.  Also responsible for publishing the Clover Chronicle.


Responsibilities :  Takes pictures of various 4-H events. Collects memorabilia and compiles it into a scrap book and displays the scrapbook at various events.  Creates the end-of-the-year slide show.


Responsibilities :  Be at the meetings early. Makes sure that the lights, air, and room are set up properly. Makes sure the flags are in the room in the right place. Helps keep the meetings in order.


Responsibilities :  Knows Robert's Rules Of Order and makes sure that the meetings are run accordingly.

Recreation Leader

Responsibilities :  Has a fun recreation activity planned for each meeting. Makes the meetings enjoyable to attend.