Florida 4-H Legislature

Florida 4-H Legislature provides an opportunity for teen 4-H members (4-H age 14-18) to have a "learn by doing" experience in state government. This year, 13 year old 4-H youth are invited to attend! When delegates participate in the Florida 4-H Legislature, they have an actual experience in the way Florida works in all three branches of government: Executive branch, Legislative branch, and Judicial branch. Florida 4-H laws are considered, passed or vetoed, in a model legislative session, at the Florida State Capitol.

This event is a "mock" legislative experience that prepares 4-H members for leadership in the American democratic process. During Florida 4-H Legislature, 4-H'ers will serve as Florida 4-H Senators, Representatives, lobbyists, pages, reporters, or Governor. Some 4-H'ers will experience being a Supreme Court Justice, lawyer or juror. Each participant learns about, practices and defends the theory and process of representing citizens and making public policy.

Florida 4-H Legislature Information