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UF/IFAS Extension Osceola County Natural Resources helps residents understand and act on natural resources issues including energy conservation, water conservation, green building, sustainable development, local ecosystems, wildlife, pond management, air quality and water quality.

Nature and Wildlife

Green Building

Local governments interested in pursuing green building can certify as Florida Green Building Coalition's Green Government Certification Program.

Building Professional Continuing Education through University of Florida's Program for Resource Efficient Communities teaches building professionals (engineers, contractors, architects, etc.) about energy conservation, green building certifications and construction practices.

Energy Efficient Building Construction in Florida
by Craig Miller, James Sullivan, Sherry Ahrentzen
Energy Efficient Building Construction in FloridaPublished by the University of Florida
An overview of key building features that affect building performance.  Where appropriate, provisions of the Florida Energy Conservation Code are included. The book is a collaborative effort between the Program for Resource Efficient Communities, Shimberg Center for Housing, and M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Building Construction. This handbook is designed to provide up to date information for building energy efficient homes in Florida's hot humid climate. The 7th edition reflects the 2010 Florida Building Code.

Keep Our Water Clean

Lighting and Human Health


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